4.7 stars on Google and Yelp

  • Really adorable gin bar with a well curated, tasty menu. The food is served tapas style and is a great place to visit with a group of friends. I... read more

    Megan Moulos Avatar Megan Moulos
    March 1, 2022

    Not for the picky eaters. But for those of us who feel like living an adventure you better put this place on your list of places to eat. It's a... read more

    Bek Stefanov Avatar Bek Stefanov
    January 29, 2022

    I can't say enough incredible things about Joli! For starters, the quality, value and care of the food served is enough to rival Canlis. And oh my, the gin...... read more

    Andrea DeWees Avatar Andrea DeWees
    December 29, 2021
  • Joli is a really fantastic gin bar! The cocktails are really thoughtful and show many different sides of gin beyond London Dry/getting whacked in the face with a pine branch.... read more

    Tucker Cholvin Avatar Tucker Cholvin
    May 8, 2022

    This place has amazing cocktails! I’m knocking off a star though as $8 for 1 small slice of focaccia is outrageous and feels a bit out of touch. Additionally, the... read more

    Brianna Fulghum-Behen Avatar Brianna Fulghum-Behen
    May 15, 2022

    Everything delish~
    From the gin old fashioned, to the negroni, gin-icillin, shishito peppers, seared cauliflower, and wild mushroom risotto... Excellent. Ambience was on point☆ Attentive service and great recommendations were... read more

    Janet Ramos Avatar Janet Ramos
    November 29, 2021
  • Another local restaurant/bar that I frequent. You'd be good going once because their menu is limited (food). The steak and fries are always oversalted so I sadly have to mention... read more

    Erin Farmer Avatar Erin Farmer
    January 29, 2022

    Really great food. Everything smelled great and tasted better.

    Patrick Rachford Avatar Patrick Rachford
    March 1, 2022

    Wow! This place has it all- ambience, food and service. It's tapas style menu was perfect for sharing with friends and our wait staff was top-notch. Great happy hour menu.... read more

    Nibs Avatar Nibs
    November 29, 2021

  My boyfriend and I were looking for a cozy, neighborhood feel kind of restaurant while visiting Seattle. We found Joli and it had good reviews and the ambiance looked cool. While the ambiance was cool and loved how it looked inside, the food was just meh. I feel bad saying that but we just weren't blown away by the food. The chicken sandwich was too crispy for my liking, if that makes sense. The chicken sandwich also doesn't come with a side or fries
But the dessert was really tasty
Besides that everything else was really nice and I liked how much of a gin selection they had! I've never seen a bar have so much gin to choose from

thumb Kristine N.

  I am really torn on this one... we've always loved having Joni in the neighborhood and love the ambiance. We don't like gin/don't really drink so that part is never a deciding factor for us. We walked in for dinner last night and had a pretty disappointing meal...
-oysters were good!
-two ginger beers were way too sweet, very few NA options
-bread came with a disgusting gooey mustard with raisins mixed in, all almost a honey texture. very odd. we asked for butter instead and it came out hard as a rock
-brussels, which we've gotten before, were extra sweet and sugary
-meatballs were sticky and had so much fennel it was really overpowering
-worst for last: we split the halibut, which came out cold but wasn't listed as a cold dish, and I asked the server if it was meant to be cold and she said "sort of, the sauce is"...
all in all it was $110 with the only OK part of the meal being the three oysters for $13.

thumb L H.

  Joli is an intimate bar in the Ballard area close to the Goodwill and a couple minutes west of Green Lake. We made reservations online at 8:30pm and were seated immediately for a party of two.

They are mainly a gin bar with martinis, gin cocktails, and gin flights on their drinks menu. My first drink was the gin-icillin ($17) which was a penicillin but with gin. It was smoky from the Laphroaig but had that clean flavor that was easy to drink. My second drink was the last word ($18) which was not on the menu but was just as delicious as the first drink if not more so. We had a funny conversation with our server afterward where he said that they barely had enough green chartreuse for my drink and just finished the rest of the bottle themselves.

For food we ordered the truffles fries ($9) and they were a very good shareable snack with nice truffle flavors and aromas. This was a cute bar with some very friendly servers and we spent a couple hours hanging out here.

thumb Brian F.

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